As a player within any team sport, it is understood that you are working towards a common goal. The success of the team. The general rule in this respect is that this success is defined as beating the opposition and winning the match. So through this, it is evident that team sports inherently depend upon the competitive nature of achieving the win over the other team.

This is something that I bought heavily into through playing team sports for most of my life thus far. The pursuit of winning. It is both an external and internal motivator as the rewards are also external and internal.

Stopping playing rugby was a big decision and I feel that having left this environment of a shared objective and ‘chasing the win’ I was missing something in my training and life. Following on from that, I felt that despite working hard in my training I couldn’t achieve the same sense of competition or thrill that comes of that.

Enter Crossfit. Crossfit is largely based upon the ideals of approaching fitness as more that just the training in the gym but as a complete lifestyle. However, Crossfit is also a sport, and with that comes the inevitable competitive nature of winning and losing.

This is the element of the sport of Crossfit that I have most enjoyed so far and hope to further in the future. It is the desire to win that allows me to push myself and not set myself and my performance below limits I have self-imposed.

Essentially, I have managed to become again competent in a sport by having a reason to train and push. The competition of trying to outdo myself and my own limitations has let me address this competency through competition.