I have a love/hate relationship with running. On the one hand, I enjoy sprinting and anything up to about the 3 mile mark. Either that or if I am racing against someone in which case, I tend towards adopting the win at all costs mentality and just get on with it.

However, I do not enjoy nor have any intention of starting, running for fun. I would classify this as training with the sole intention of running X number of miles or for X amount of time. I am no stranger to running within a workout, and will happily do so if I am able to rely on the knowledge that I have some other medium waiting for me at the finish line e.g. a barbell/kettlebell etc.

Despite this objection to running I have to date taken part in and even enjoyed 3 races varying from a simple 5K race up to enduring a strenuous (at least for me as a novice long distance runner) 30K race.

Head down, Crawl hard

This might seem strange that I decided to subject myself to these races considering I have never had much involvement in long distance running and by my admission in this post, don’t enjoy it. This is where my elevation came, and the solution I found to be able to have fun whilst doing these runs.

All of these races were in fact obstacle course races; potentially one of the fastest growing fitness crazes world over, even sporting their own world championship with professional racers competing.

Up and over

What these races allowed me to do was enjoy the long distance being covered by adding the challenge of having Obstacles to contend with every 2-3 minutes. This was something I could get behind and push myself to achieve as I much prefer to be challenged in areas other than plugging away step after step on a road or track. Rope climbs, scaling walls, carrying stones and a multitude of other obstacles were presented to break up the running and distract from the inevitable monotony of it.

So where running doesn’t quite tick the boxes for me, throw in a healthy mix of carrying, climbing, slipping and sliding and I’m all ears and reading to get my game on.

Be Limitless.

The finish line of a cramp filled 30k’s