As a tool for general health and wellbeing as well as training for longevity, the olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) can play a vital role in maintain functionality of your body.
Hang cleans and power cleans should be a staple of most training programs simply because of the lower body and pulling power that must be generated to complete this movement.

This translates well to having a strong posterior (back of body) chain which is something that most people can benefit from today. a weak posterior chain, i.e. weak glutes and hamstrings primarily, can be a contributing factor to lower back pain and later on in life can lead to poor functionality of your body.

So by incorporating these kinds of strength based movements into workouts and programming, your body will remain functional for longer and will also allow your bones and joints to remain healthy and strong; meaning injury will be less likely to occur.
As a tool for improving sports performance, the olympics lifts absolutely should be included into any strength and conditioning program that is expected to produce results. The power these movements demand of your body as well as the mobility and body awareness are huge.

Think, if you are able to move a heavy external load around more easily, think how much more control over your body you will have when it is unloaded and presented with a high stress demand such as those we see during a sporting performance.
There are very few team or contact orientated sports where more strength is a negative and so utilising these lifts in order to improve your overall bodily strength, you will be at an advantage to the others on the field of play.

The added beauty of the olympic lifts is that despite their technically demanding nature, they can be scaled back to accommodate for different abilities and can for the most part be completed with a variety of different pieces of equipment.

Both the elite athletes and the everyday people can benefit from incorporating weightlifting into their training by attacking it from the level they are currently at in their ability and strength.