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Train – 2B – Limitless  

is a platform for me to express my own passion for health, fitness, the outdoors, and self-improvement.

Alongside this I hope to provide others with the advice, tips, ideas and inspiration to achieve their own goals in their health, fitness or life.

It is important to keep in mind that the start of every journey is the first step you take; so committing to that first step is what sets you up for success, regardless of the path will take or where you wish to end up. Just remember that we are all the result of the many steps we take, forward or backward, and it is in this journey of steps that we can aim to better ourselves. Health, fitness and life.


I’m Kieran.

I live in Cambridgeshire in England where I have been living since I was a child and have studied in and around the City of Cambridge for all my life so far. I am a life-long sports and fitness enthusiast who has settled currently on becoming a personal trainer and moving into the health and fitness industry.

At a young age I was always involved in sports of any form, starting out playing football before making the sensible decision to move towards rugby. A move which took me from starting at 9 years old to playing with the 2nd’s senior team at the club. Along the way between those two I had the opportunity to play for my County side as well as the higher Eastern County level (Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk).

During the off-season (summer) I went from playing, and getting bored with, cricket to athletics; in which I was a sprinter, discus thrower and anything else that required someone to cover a position for.

More recently I have got involved with some rock climbing, sticking to bouldering indoors as well as a few trips to the Lake District to do beginner climbing and gorge walking.

It is from this and family holidays when younger that I have also developed a love of the outdoors, exploring and climbing mountains in Scotland and the Lake District as well as a couple of ski trips abroad as my current level of experience into this.

At the moment, I am pursuing a career in personal training with a hope to venture further into the fitness industry and specifically Crossfit, which I have been privileged to have found and been able to immerse myself into.

Be Limitless.